When can I run again?

 What do I do now?

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After a Surgery

When can I play golf again?

Can I shower with this on?

When do my stitches come out?

Can I put weight on it?

During your hospital stay there are nurses and doctors around looking after you and making you feel a bit more at ease. However, when you come back to the quiet of your home it's a totally different story. You aren't quite sure or remember what the doctor said or what to do. 

Enter Physical Therapy, specialists in physical rehabilitation to help you through this stressful time and ensure that you stay on track by doing all the right things while avoiding the wrong things!

After a surgery you will have pain, swelling, inflammation and weakness. As experts in post- operative rehabilitation, your physical therapist at 27eastPT will help you improve each symptom one- by-one through an appropriate regimen specific to your type of surgery.  

You will have a post-operative note from your doctor and many times a specific protocol they like our practice to follow. We use both of these documents and communicate directly with your doctor or PA to ensure that everyone is on the same page.