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Exercise is very important to me and I have played many different types of team sports including soccer, baseball, and rugby. Off the field I am an avid surfer and snowboarder.

With activity comes the inevitable injuries, which I have sustained my fair share of over the years! That said, I understand what is required to recover and get back to what I want to do. Aside from my extensive training, one might consider this intimate knowledge that assists me in helping my patients get back to what they want to do.  

My physical therapy background started at Boston University where I completed an accelerated Masters in Physical Therapy program. When I came out of  school I did some professional development at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia. I then returned to the States and worked for Westhampton Sports Rehab, a Southampton Hospital satellite practice.

In 2001 I moved to Australia where I founded a 3 location chain of Physical Therapy practices (i.e.: Aushealth Physiotherapy) on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.  Over the 10 years of running the practices Aushealth Physiotherapy became the preferred providers for many top Sydney-based surgeons as well as a "goto physio" for much of the local community. It was during this time that I also founded a medical patient education app for doctors and their patients that is used by small and large institutions across the United States.

In 2011  I sold Aushealth Physiotherapy and moved back to the Hamptons with my wife and 2 kids where I founded Hamptons Physical Therapy (now 27EastPT). I began working with local and NYC -based general practitioners and surgeons to assist their patients who were recovering in the Hamptons, thus becoming a concierge PT service. With the business growing and a need for a physical location to bring patients through a more extensive regimen, I designed the Hamptons Physical Therapy Rehab Studio in Sag Harbor, and in 2019, expanded into the adjoining suite.

My specialty is post-operative rehabilitation, specifically shoulders, knees and hips. I incorporate the necessary manual therapy to reduce pain and improve range of motion. Once pain levels are reduced and range of motion restored, I am heavily focused on strength to help my patients "protect their investment."  

My business partner ("work wife") Sinead Fitzgibbon joined the practice in 2017. She brings along a wealth of knowledge and since her arrival we have implemented more equipment to facilitate better diagnosis and treatment of our growing patient population. We have since expanded our team of providers to 4 therapists, an acupuncturist and personal trainers - all of who are veterans in the industry. 

34 Bay Street is a fantastic building and our practice boasts views over the marina to provide a soothing environment for physical therapy and we look forward to continuing to provide the community expert care after injury or surgery. Type your paragraph here.

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